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Keeping it simple

Getting started

So you might have decided that I’m the one. Great choice, I completely agree with you. But how do you book a consultation and what is included in my program?

I like to keep things simple, so I only have one program. This includes all the things you need to make your wedding an unforgettable day. The reason I only have one program is because I know you already have a lot to think about, and I want to make sure we cover all the essentials and nothing is left forgotten. Additionally, I have a list of optional extras that you can add on to your program, should you decide to go above and beyond.

A minimum of 600 photos of the highest quality

Pre-wedding Engagement shoot

Videography and music video of your wedding day

Viewing session to customize your images in person

Couples shoot on the wedding day

 A good starting point

Quality and quantity in one

The program contains;

  •  Minimum 600 photos of the highest quality – Refined and honed to match your expectations
  • video of the day – The most beautiful highlights from your special day you can treasure forever, accompanied by your favourite song in a short format video.
  • Pre-wedding Engagement shoot – Get to know your photographer and receive some amazing photos before the wedding, as well as a selection of stunning images for your wedding invitations
  • Viewing session where we go through the images from the engagement shoot so we can personalize the experience for you.
  • 5 free prints chosen by you at our viewing session
  • 25 couples shoot pictures – Romantic scenery and a professional photographer to guide you
  • 1 fantastical image – Any of your wildest dreams come true in one image. No really, anything!
  • Full support, assistance and guidance from a highly experienced professional with seven years in the field. You have my number and I’m here to answer any questions you may have, day or night.
  • 5+ year backup of your images. Sleep peacefully knowing that your pictures and videos are safe, accessible and shareable for five years in an online password-protected portfolio to view whenever, wherever.



Professional Photo Book

Many couples like to include a photo book in their program to forever immortalise their day. Something they can bring out at family gatherings to share and reminisce. 

At the viewing after the wedding, we will go through and hand-select each image that you’d like to include for the photo book, then select material and size, and determine the vibe. I’ll take care of the rest.

Portable Studio

Brought to the wedding, a small lighting setup to give your guests something to bring home.

Weddings are the perfect occasion to bring families together, and getting a professional photo taken at your venue is a great way to commemorate your special day.


Prints & frames in any size

This is my own personal favourite as it feels so different to have a physical photo in your home. Make your own house as personal as your photos and get either a large framed print on your wall, or smaller prints for the shelves in your living room.

Don’t worry about these now as this is something we can look into after wedding together. We decide layout, material, frame and everything right there so you know exactly what you are getting. 

Price depends on material, size and quantity.

Make my program right for you

You can choose to add stunning extra items when you order, or you can even wait until the wedding is over before adding more. If you need a photo book but don’t know what material you would prefer for the cover, or if you want a print but am unsure of what matte versus glossy finish means, this is the perfect way to see and feel examples so you get exactly what you want.

After the wedding, we sit down and go through the images together and you pick out your favourites so I know what to put special care into, and you can decide if you want any prints or accessories with your new pictures. It is easy and customized to you. 

Also available for destination weddings

Hand-pick your favourite photos

When selecting your favourites, you can decide to have the best of them edited or printed, giving them some extra love and have them retouched so everything looks perfect and beyond, ready for a potential photo book.

The best thing about doing this together is that we fit it to your needs and ambitions, making sure that you get everything you wanted from your unique wedding day

Get started

Don't gamble on your wedding day

Invest in a reliable, personal and unique option for your wedding 


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If you feel that a phone call is easier, feel free to give me a direct call as well on 07716737048. I’m always up for meeting for a coffee as well if this feels better for you.

Wait 24 hours

I’ll be back to you in a jiffy to let you know if I’m available for booking and send you a price overview