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Capture what really matters

Natural images in amazing quality

If there’s one thing I love about photography, it is how it can completely capture the feelings of a moment. 
When it comes to families and portraits, nothing could be more important than showing their best side, and even if you only laugh once a year, I’ll make sure that one time will be when the camera starts clicking. 
…That sounds weirdly intimidating, but hey, whatever works. 

James Allen Stewart


Based in Watford

A photographer who comes to you

Depending on the scenery you would prefer, I make it easy and convenient for you as a park or urban landscape helps to make the setting look authentic and relaxed. 

If you would like to be inside, my home studio is in Watford, Hertfordshire and provides you with some more neutral backdrops like white, black or fine art (Picture below)

A shooting session takes around an hour and the viewing session takes around an hour too


Never pay for more than what you want


I am a huge fan of happy clients, and the happiest clients go home knowing that they made an amazing deal. Immediately after the shoot we go through the images in a viewing session and determine which photos were your favourite, which one you want printed on your wall, or which one would make a stunning photo book to be shared with family and friends.

The benefit of being a photographer is that I get some insane discounts on the highest quality photo merchandise, meaning you are bound to save tons while plastering your home with pictures of your family. And your little dog too. 

What’s included:

– 90 minute photo session on location (In a park or point of interest in Watford)

– 30 minute viewing session where your favourite photos are picked out – Can be done on location or at the studio in Watford.

– One 24×30 print chosen by you!

– Tons of fun and a gorgeous day out.

£339 – Includes a FREE photo print

£275 – Pet shoot

£350 – Pet & Family shoot

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Please include your destination of the shoot, the amount of people and if the pictures are for a specific purpose

Wait 24 hours

I will be back to you with the best offer possible by phone or email