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So what exactly can I do?

Mind-blowing visuals

Every  couple has a story, and that story often defines your most beloved shared interests. It might be movies, games, sports or even a weird inside joke that I’d never understand… I’ll try though!

I myself am a bit of a modern nerd, gladly admitting this. I love everything fantasy, sci-fi, comics, anime, you name it!

Bring me your most creative ideas for your wedding day or engagement shoot, and we will make it happen together, whether it be a themed appreciation of your common hobby, or a gorgeous location that you’ve always dreamed about, or a normal situation made spectacular with a bit of magic.


Dream big! Anything is possible

Even if we’re just in your backyard, it won’t limit us from creating some truly spectacular views

Through the power of photographic magic, your backyard could be transformed into a vast, beautiful expanse that might better encapsulate your feelings on a most special day.

Besides, who doesn’t want to feel and look like a million bucks on their wedding day!

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Unleash your inner child

Make those small moments magnificent

There’s no idea that’s too silly. As long as you’re happy, then I’m happy.

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Nothing is too big

This photo of an X-files loving groom losing his X-files loving bride to a UFO was done in the backyard of their house. Simple, fast and I take care of the rest when I get home.

Essentially, I’m a wizard and will be applying to Hogwarts soon. 

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how it’s done

Magical Imagery

Below are a couple of examples of the magic I can make for you. The sky truly is the limit here, but don’t worry, we can always start small.

Slide the slider to watch the process.

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