Fantastical Images

Your wedding. Your rules.

Beat'em Up

What can I say. They both loved Street Fighter.

The Magician

The groom was calm, serious and presentable.
…Right until I asked him what type of photos he wanted.

“Make me really cool, with special powers. Like David Blaine!”

I placed the bride on two chairs in a white room, took a picture, took the chairs and bride away, put the groom down on his knees and shot another picture. After that I changed background, floor and carpet.

Pergola Hill

The bride was studying Ancient Culture and had always been obsessed with Greek architecture. What better way to make their wedding shoot personal than going to the Pergola & Hill Gardens and making some magic happen.

Family Heart

This wedding was so intimate and full of love that I couldn’t help but feel like they were all one. 

Cars removed, buildings removed, all that’s left is this wonderful family gathering.



The couple told me that they both loved The X-files and I said “Hang on. I got this”.

I asked the groom to hold the bride in his arms as if she was sleeping. I then took a photo of just the bottom of the dress, and asked the groom to stand on a platform in their back yard and reach out to the sky as if his loved one was being taken away.

Pretty accurate description.

As the groom couldn’t stop laughing while he was reaching up, I actually had to change his facial expression to something that suited the mood a bit more. I made him sad and scared. Lol. 

Some hours of editing later and I had their favourite picture from the day.

A place that means something

When the bride told me that she was in love with my fairy tale pictures and that she proposed in front of a castle, there was only one thing to do for their engagement shoot.

They were shot on a staircase in front of a barista. With a bit of magic, they are now reliving their first step towards getting married. 

Something for the groom as well

It is difficult to argue with being asked to include a gorgeous car in their engagement shoot pictures.

This was shot in a parking lot. Houses, people, signs removed, and now this picture is hanging on the couple’s wall.

Car but no place

Since they had this beautiful car, I thought it was a shame that they would only have a picture in the gravel parking spot behind their venue. So I did a little magic.

To eternity

The sweetest Mormon couple, here standing in front of the never-ending bridge towards their future on earth and beyond.

Dark & Mysterious

The couple told me that they were really into fantasy, Harry Potter, and anything dark and ominous. Even though the photo doesn’t follow the typical wedding styles, it still shows who they were on the inside, which is what I always try to do. They loved it.

Getting the most out of a grey sky

You can’t choose the weather for your wedding unless you’re bribing some very specific Gods. As that often gets quite complicated (trust me), it can be easier to just use a bit of magic and have your wedding go from dull to something that represents the moment much better.

Their true relation

At a wedding, you can be putting on a bit of a facade to seem like you got things under control. Other times, you just want to relax in the arms of the one you love. This was a rare moment that really shows what goes on beneath the surface.

Goofing around

Such a cute couple with the gentlest groom I’ve ever met. Having this ironic take on his gentle heart was a perfect way of making their friends and family laugh at this unlikely event. He loved it.