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10 DIY Wedding Decorations To Make Your Day Unique

With a little bit of handiwork, your normal, boring wedding could see itself be lifted to new levels by adding some unique touches. Wedding invitations, lights, decorations, even photo booths can be created by yourself

James Archer

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1. Vintage Birdcage Flower Decoration

At a vintage or rustic country wedding it can be a lovely idea to display your flowers in birdcages. This DIY wedding decor idea doesn’t need a pro florist to do it as you can simply place some easy-to-arrange flowers like baby’s breath (gypsophila) inside and it’ll look elegant. Just remember to remove the birds first.


2. Ceremony Backdrop

The most important part of your wedding is the moment you say “I do”. So you’ll want the backdrop to this unforgettable event to look the part. A DIY wedding ceremony backdrop can be easy to make and will really make your photos look incredible. Ideas include a balloon wall, a flower wall, an arch with drapes or flowers, long ribbons, a lace curtain or fairy lights. The below ring may seem like a lot, but having gone through making one of these myself, I can reveal that they are surprisingly easy and cheap to make, and you can customize the ring decorations yourself, choosing between flowers, garlands, or balloons. My personal favourite is the mix between flowers and garlands, though. 


3. Arrow Signs

Don’t let your guests get lost by making some useful and pretty arrow signs directing them to key places like the toilets, the ceremony space, the reception area and of course the bar. Also, have one point to the lake and let evolution do its thing. #TheresAlwaysOne


4. Wax Seal Invitations

Add a regal look to your invitations with a pretty DIY wax seal. You can buy an inexpensive personalised stamp and wax from places like Etsy, and wax sealing is a really easy yet effective DIY project. Make sure to make it your standard way of contacting your friends in the future, and legally change your name to “Lady MacBeth” to really bring this one home.


5. Pet Collar

Does your fur baby have a starring role in the big day proceedings? If you’re trusting them to deliver the ring down the aisle then make sure they look the part with a DIY wedding collar with a little pouch attached for the all important bling. The pet is gonna feel so cool. #thuglife.

Image Credit: Kate Nielen


6. Photo Banner

Make some personalised bunting out of photos of you and your new spouse. Include pictures as babies right up to your engagement and watch guests enjoy a trip down memory lane, for better or worse.


7. Wooden Wedding Cake Stand

A large, thick tree slice can make for a wonderful cake stand at a rustic wedding. Personalise it by adding your names and dates using a pyrography pen. The cake will get a nice, woody aftertaste. Woodn’t that be nice?

Image Credit: Wood Yard Things via Etsy


BONUS 8. Customized Table Stones

Show off your craftmanship with some personal stones for table seating. Use a white pen, paint, or go all-in with an etching tool. Just remember to put the stones back where you found them. It’ll confuse people.  


James Archer

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