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9 Crazy But Awesome Wedding Photos

My favourite thing about weddings is that they are so so unique. We only have one of them, and each couple has their own personalities and special combinations of features.


That’s why I love when the pictures also show this special connection in images that reveal the quirky, different sides of the couple.

In this list, I’ve collected some of my favourite photographers and their images.

Obviously I’ve included myself, because how could I not. #narcissist4life

James Archer

Wedding Photographer. Watford, UK


1. Dino Crisis

The king of the dinosaurs and the star of Jurassic Park; Mr. Rex himself. Easy to set up if you have an experienced photographer to do his magic afterwards. 

Photo by: Quinn Miller

2. Briiiiiiiides… Eat..Briiiides..

It can seem like the zombie fever has slowly faded, but it still lives in the hearts of many. Our living, beating hearts.

Photo by:  Josiahx

3. Fighters And Lovers

What better way to get your frustration out about your boyfriend not taking the dishes than beating him up in your favourite Street Fighter game. Many couples spend their free time playing classics like this, and having a photographer who can show that is priceless.

Photo by: James Archer

4. Romeo & Juliet

Many couples come from very different backgrounds, and showing the connection between worlds in this way is such a beautiful gesture. 

5. May The Force Be With You For Now And Forever

Star Wars is not just a movie. It is a phenomenon that has left deep imprints in many people, and having this be a part of your wedding seems like the most natural thing in the world.


6. Sci-fi, Love & Aliens

“Keep a tight grip on your lady or she might just join another planet” is what my mom used to say.

…Thinking back, I’m not sure I know what she meant, but this picture is still cool for sci-fi lovers. 

 Photo by: James Archer  

7. A Magical Moment

I think we’ve all wanted to be able to do magic at some point. Why not do it at your wedding?
Fun fact: This was shot in a white, empty storage room. 

Photo by: James Archer

8. Rebel Couple

More Star Wars.
Because… Star Wars.


9. It’s … Eh… Something

I am not sure what is going on here, but I laughed when I saw it. And that’s what life is about, right? 
I can’t quite make up a title for this image. Leave a comment with your suggestion!


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