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Hi there, I'm James Archer, an award-winning wedding photographer based in Watford, Hertfordshire, specialising in stylised, fantastical imagery. With a taste for the vibrant, magical, and elegant, I describe my style as being straight out of a fairy tale. A visual artist for over nine years, I offer a wealth of experience and compassion throughout the process. Keeping you at your most comfortable, I endeavour to deliver gorgeous, crisp photos with a striking cinematic flair.

A unique chemistry is created when two people meet and fall in love, and this will always show at your big day. I strive to capture this in every photo, making sure that besides covering all the essential wedding photography, I include vibrant, one-of-a-kind imagery that will last you a lifetime. Through an included consultation, we work together to achieve the desired mood and vibe which will be shown in the final result, and If you have some wild ideas, I'm the one for the job.

More importantly, at the consultation I get to know who you are, what makes your love special, and you get to know me before your wedding day. I personally believe this is one of the most important parts of picking your wedding photographer; compatibility. 

This is about you, so you make the rules. I just make it all possible.



Full weddings and reviews

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

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Kathy & Jack

A Disney fairy tale, complete with a chariot, a bouncy castle, and a Disney castle cake

Katie & Ray

An adventure to a gorge, high spirits, reckless dancing and good times

Narine & Kasper

Gorgeous nature, a beautiful castle and the closest of friends and family

Kim & Jes

A new life and a romantic day with a chariot, their dream boat and stunning vistas

Laura & Nikolaj

An intimate wedding with only close friends and family, full of romance and high spirit

Watford wedding photographer – Hertfordshire wedding photographer

Attention to detail

With all that hard work that goes into making your wedding beautiful, I do my utmost at capturing every little decoration, setting and food in the best way possible

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